Monday, September 12, 2011

A Love/Hate Relationship with Burlap... Leaning on the Hate.

So, I made a wreath for fall. Out of burlap. And it sucked. It was messy, and stinky, and turned out absolutely GORGEOUS!!! At least, I think so ;) Now, I'd love to say that I thought this up, but I totally didn't.. I found a tutorial online for a Spring wreath, and decided it would be PERFECT for Fall.. And it is! (Don't mind my ugly door. I'm thinking of painting it black.. or red? but I see red doors and I want to paint them black, haha... yeah, black would be better)

The original tutorial was found here..

But this is mine!! I prefer it..

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kate said...

that is REALLY gorgeous! well done. and yes, black doors are perfect. would you mind emailing me your private blog addy once again? i am terrible at checking blogs that aren't in my reader, but i'd sure love to check in on you, cute kate.