Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pretty Things, Pretty Baby

I decided to learn to crochet a few weeks ago, so I asked around, and a friend sent me to a youtube video. Once I watched the video a few times, I had it down. I had never really crocheted before, but I was able to do this.. I bet you can too!! Check it out HERE :)

For baby's newborn pictures, I really wanted to do a tutu picture, but I didn't want to buy one. So the morning of her pictures, I went to the store, and I made one. It was really easy to do! I know I'm going to make up some more, so I should have a little "How-To" up. But, until then, isn't she a pretty little baby?? 


Jessica said...

You seriously made that!?! Super cute! Maybe I should try that because I really want one...for Claira I mean ;)

kate said...

um, yes! perfectly beautiful little baby! and the tutu is awesome. nice work kate!!